I am Madison Warner, or Maddie, as my friends like to call me ♡

I am a native Southern Californian writer & creative with big dreams. 

You can usually find me:

❁ drinking coffee on my patio while listening to podcasts

❁ running around Disneyland

❁ working out

❁ snuggling with my boyfriend while watching our favorite shows

Obsessions: coffee, Disney, nutrition & wellness, psychology, sea otters, & learning new things.

As a someone who has personally experienced mental health disorders & disordered eating, I created this space to let women know that it really does get better. Over the past few years, I have struggled with a multitude of things, such as depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, binge-eating, food sensitivities, and an imbalance in my overall wellbeing.

Through my wellness journey, I discovered that there is a lot that I want to share with other women who have also struggled with improving their own mental health and wellbeing.

Coffee Dates With Maddie

I created Coffee Dates with Maddie, a lifestyle & wellness blog and YouTube channel (maybe a future podcast), to help women find balance in their overall wellness.

This creative space is designed to address topics and issues such as:

∘ self-development ∘ self-care ∘ mindset ∘ gut imbalance ∘ food sensitivities ∘ wellness imbalance ∘ relationships and friendships ∘ toxic relationships (domestic violence) ∘ mental health ∘ overall wellness

My goal is to help as many women as possible find balance within themselves & realize how beautiful and loved they truly are!

Why is it called Coffee Dates with Maddie?

Happy you asked!

When I hang out with my friends, I usually meet up with them at a coffee shop! Then, we hang out for sometimes hours to talk about everything and really catch up!

Coffee Dates with Maddie is a creative space for me to discuss topics with like-minded women & women going through similar things I went through. I apply my personal experiences & researched knowledge to everything I talk about!

It is as if we are two friends catching up over a cup of coffee!

This space is nonjudgmental, encouraging, and very real.

Madison M. Warner Coffee Dates

Personal Wellness & Life Coaching

I help women find their strength & inner purpose by supporting their overall wellness through self-development, self-care, and mindset work.

Each session is designed with the client in mind & structured for clients to find happiness and clarity in their life. Using psychology principles & techniques, clients will be able to move through their barriers & self-limiting beliefs to find love, peace, self-respect, happiness, and wellness that already exists within themselves!

If there are topics you are curious to hear more about, please email me at coffeedateswithmaddie@gmail.com with your topic suggestions!