What a Wellness Blogger Eats in a Day

My Typical Day of Eating

After I had gut discomfort and realized I am incredibly sensitive to dairy, I had to adjust what I ate daily. Lately, I’ve been asked a lot by friends about what I am doing differently to no longer be in constant pain after eating. Well, I have completely altered what I eat.

Since I turned 22 in February 2018, a lot of the things I used to eat did not agree with my body. Suddenly, my lactose intolerance shifted gears into being a full-blown attack on my gut. Acne, fatigue, tummy pain, bloating, etc. would follow after consuming the slightest bit of dairy.

Guess what my two favorite foods have always been?

Grilled cheese & mac and cheese

It’s tragic haha. However, I have discovered alternative products that give me that same kind of taste for mac and cheese & a grilled cheese. When I decide I would rather enjoy a real pizza, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, ice cream, things with dairy, I prepare myself to know that I will experience discomfort & break out later. I pick and choose my battles with food.

Grains have also had a bit of an impact on my body, and I have found a couple alternatives I would love to share with you guys!

Disclaimer: I have been eating intuitively & eat when I am feeling hungry. The meals change depending on what my body needs and how many calories I have burned so far. This is just an outline of my typical day of eating.

Eating High Fat, Moderate Protein, and Tons of Healthy Greens & Fiber

So, I am not listing the amount of calories and macronutrients for each meal. When you look at my breakfast, you may be thinking, “Damn, she eats a lot. How does she eat all of that?!”

And you’re right, my breakfast is so filling and delicious and I look forward to my morning coffee & breakfast every morning! I eat a very dense breakfast of fat, fiber, protein, and greens.

And guess what?! I am not hungry until 5-6 hours after eating my breakfast.

By eating this way, I allow my body to really digest & use the food as fuel.

Eat to live, not live to eat!

I listed snacks down below, but I really do not snack often. I want my body to use the fuel I gave it & I mess up that process if I snack after eating a full meal. Usually I’ll have a little snack when I didn’t get a full dose of fiber, greens, fat, and protein. If I don’t eat until I’m satisfied, I’ll have cravings, dips in blood sugar, and possibly binge—which I talk all about that here.

Most of my meals have high fat, high protein, a cup or two of something green, and fiber. If I am low on time, I’ll make a smoothie with Tone It Up Protein Powder, 1/4 cup of fruit, lots of spinach, chia seeds, coconut oil, and unsweetened almond milk. That way I am getting all of the nutrients and macronutrients, and I will feel full for hours.


  • 1-2 eggs
  • 1 Beyond Burger Patty
  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • 1-2 ounces cauliflower rice
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or avocado oil
  • 2 Siete Almond flour tortillas
  • 1 ounce Aged Nutcheese



• Baby spinach and mixed greens combined with bell pepper, chia seeds, apples, and Tessamae’s balsamic vinaigrette


Beyond Burger patty with spinach


Safe Catch Tuna with Primal Kitchen’s Avocado Oil Mayo, Spicy Mustard, and Cayenne in a Whole Bell Pepper (the bell pepper becomes the bread!)


Dinner is when I’m open to eating different things, sometimes out with friends, my boyfriend, or my family. Some excellent, delicious options I have been eating are: shrimp over slaw with green tomatillo sauce from Trader Joe’s & a side of diced sweet potato and cauliflower rice, baked salmon with a veggie tray, or Whole30 chili.


Some of my favorite snack foods are sliced organic apples& unsalted almond butter (both from Trader Joe’s), almonds, grain-free “tortilla” chips by Siete Foods, pork rinds (I love this brand!) with Trader Joe’s guacamole, Beef Epic Bars, and cherry tomatoes.


As for beverages, I always wake up and make my simple latte, which you can watch my short video here. I also try to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 8 oz of water to increase my metabolism & curb appetite and cravings—-but water it down a lot & drink with a straw because ACV is very acidic & not awesome for the teeth!

Healthade Kombucha has been one of the best kombuchas I’ve ever had, and I feel amazing every time I drink it! My favorite flavors are pomegranate , pink lady apple, and Bubbly Rose!

One of the things I’m working on is drinking more water every day, especially in the morning!

As for alcohol, I drink wine and margaritas. Yes, the sugar content is high, especially in margaritas! However, I am going to enjoy a drink or two when I am out with people and enjoy their company!

I think it is very important to maintain our health and balance, but it is also important to enjoy your life. Enjoying your favorite treat or drink of choice in moderation is not bad! Disordered eating habits stem from restricting ourselves too much, so have that piece of chocolate, that extra glass of wine, some popcorn at the movie theater. Just remember to make your next meal align with your health goals!